Dave Chappelle Faces Off with H.S. Students Over Trans Controversy

11/28/21 -- Dave has a challenge, of sorts, for those who feel like a theater at his old high school shouldn't be named after him, or vice-versa ... and it's all about moolah. We'll let you read his post for yourself, because it's pretty… ... Continue Reading

Canada to Tap Maple Syrup Reserves to Combat Supply Crisis

If your short stack has been feeling a little dry lately due to a lack of (affordable) syrup -- that's all about to change ... because Canada is tapping its stockpile of sweet nectar. Quebec Maple Syrup Producers -- a quasi-government-sanction… ... Continue Reading

Rico Nasty Says She Wants to Die in Reaction to Playboi Carti Fans

Rico Nasty is going through a very tough time on tour with Playboi Carti -- and it seems his fans have forced her to contemplate ending her life ... which is sounding an alarm. The rapper posted some troubling messages over the weekend, giving… ... Continue Reading

Louis Vuitton Veteran Designer, Off-White Founder Virgil Abloh Dead at 41

The reactions to Virgil's passing are pouring in in droves ... with folks like Pharrell, Idris Elba, Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Soulja Boy, Odell Beckham Jr., Jeffree Star, Kehlani, Scooter Braun, Omarion, Karl-Anthony Towns and others… ... Continue Reading

SoFi Stadium Insists it Checked Vax Cards at BTS Concert

SoFi Stadium seemed a little too easy to slip into ahead of a big BTS concert -- so much so that many felt COVID protocols were being broken ... even though the venue refutes that. The Korean pop band performed Saturday at the arena in L.A., and as… ... Continue Reading

Lindsay Lohan Engaged to Boyfriend Bader Shammas

Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, tells TMZ ... "Based on what's been released by Lindsay so far, all I'll say is that I'm so happy for her and Bader, and proud of all she's doing in life. Bader is a wonderful guy and a great influence on her life. God… ... Continue Reading

Prince Charles Asked About Skin Color of Harry and Meghan's Baby, New Book Claims

The Royal Fam is calling BS on a new book that claims Prince Charles wondered out loud if Meghan and Harry's child might have a dark complexion. Christopher Anderson claims in a new book, "Brothers and Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William,… ... Continue Reading

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Hold Hands Arriving at Music Studio

Ben and Jen aren't married -- they're not even engaged, yet -- but they are sure acting like a couple that already tied the knot. B&J walked hand-in-hand to a music studio Saturday ... presumably JLo's recording new tunes. This follows spending… ... Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Photo Op at Breakfast at Beverly Hills Hotel

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson traveled to the Hills of Beverly Saturday, and ran into a Dutch journalist who dutifully snapped a photo! It seems Pete's been living in the City of Angels lately ... this time K&P went for some breakfast chow… ... Continue Reading

'RHOA' Star Sheree Whitfield's BF Pissed at Bravo, Wants Footage Scrubbed

Sheree Whitfield's boyfriend isn't talking to her, but he wants a chat with the folks at Bravo ... because he's pissed off about his past appearances on his girl's reality show. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star's BF, Tyrone Gilliams, had his… ... Continue Reading

Faizon Love Says 'Elf 2' Doesn't Need Will Ferrell, Time for Black Elf

Faizon Love says a potential "Elf" sequel doesn't need the star power of Will Ferrell ... he says America is ready for a Santa's helper redo -- a Black elf. The actor, who played the store manager in the original "Elf," tells TMZ ... he's surprised… ... Continue Reading

LaMelo Can Be NBA's Youngest MVP Ever, Says LaVar Ball

"Do I think he can win it? No. I know he can win it!" That's LaVar Ball telling TMZ Sports he knows his son, LaMelo, can win NBA's MVP this season ... which would make him the youngest player to ever win the award. The 20-year-old is already a star… ... Continue Reading

Kardashian Food Photos -- What A Snack!

There are so many Thanksgiving leftovers it's hard to keep up ... that's why we are filling you up with these gorgeous gals to curb your appetite for Kardashian content! Whether it's a homemade meal, fast food or a lavish night out at a five-star… ... Continue Reading

Bebe Rexha Doesn't Need Awards to Validate Song Popularity

Bebe Rexha might not be your regular Grammy darling -- but she doesn't need any of the trophies to confirm the most important thing in this biz ... namely, people love her music. Here's the deal ... BR has three songs that have now broken a billion… ... Continue Reading

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

Hidden underneath this big grinning guy is a fashion-forward actor who has deep dived into his intense characters on screen. This stretched-out star is best known for his iconic roles in film, including his rendition of a chaotic villain who… ... Continue Reading

Blac Chyna Weighs In on Omicron Variant & Unvaccinated People

Blac Chyna's advice on the new 'rona variant is about the same from when she was screaming in an airport not too long ago -- everyone's gotta get vaccinated, and now. We spoke to the influencer and reality TV star at LAX Friday, where she gave us… ... Continue Reading

Yoko Ono Vindicated in Beatles Doc Over Claims She Broke Up Band

Yoko Ono's name has been cleared of a tired old narrative that she was solely responsible for breaking up The Beatles ... at least according to Yoko Ono, and maybe Peter Jackson. John Lennon's widow tweeted out an article recapping Beatles fans'… ... Continue Reading

Aussie Reporter Who Missed Adele Album, Flubbed Interview Apologizes

The reporter who botched an interview with Adele for not listening to her new album just made a mea culpa over his own airwaves ... and even described what we'll never see. Aussie journo Matt Doran, of Channel 7's "Weekend Sunrise," ended one of… ... Continue Reading

'You' Star Drops Out of Alice Sebold's Film Adaptation Post-Exoneration

Alice Sebold's movie adaptation about her 1981 Syracuse rape has utterly fallen apart in the wake of the exoneration of the man she accused -- and one of the film's stars is out too. Netflix's Victoria Pedretti -- who has a leading role in "You" --… ... Continue Reading

Karol G Falls Mid-Performance in Miami

Karol G took one of the hardest falls onstage we've seen in a while -- but she also bounced back just as quickly. The singer was performing in Miami Friday, playing to a packed FTX Arena ... when, at one point, she slipped and fell down a flight of… ... Continue Reading