All Pro EEO Report


This Report covers full-time vacancy recruitment data for the period July 23, 2020 through July 22, 2021.

1)    Employment Unit:  All Pro Broadcasting, Inc.

2)    Unit Members (Stations and Communities of License): KATY-FM, Idyllwild, CA

KHTI(FM), Lake Arrowhead, CA

3)    EEO Contact Information for Employment Unit:

Mailing Address:






Telephone Number:

(909) 890-5904

Contact Person/Title:

Jo McNorton, Business Manager

E-mail Address:


4)    List all Full-Time Job Vacancies Filled by Each Station in the Employment Unit:

            Job Title                                                             Recruitment Source Referring Hiree


6) Total # of Interviewees Referred: For the period from July 23, 2020 to July 22, 2021, this employment unit interviewed 0 interviewees for full-time job vacancies. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Employment Unit did not hire any new employees during the Reporting Period


7) Supplemental Recruitment Initiatives:


(a)     Internship Program

While the Employment Unit typically has an internship program, no interns were hired during the Reporting Period due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Chamber of Commerce/Career Mixers

Monthly, All Pro’s General Manager attends, San Bernardino Chamber meetings, Red Cross meetings, Boys and Girls Club, Temecula Chamber, Murrieta Chamber and Hemet /San Jacinto Chamber. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all chamber meeting were attended via Zoom

At the local community meetings and Mixers, All Pro’s personnel speak with attendees about career opportunities in the broadcast industry.  In addition, they discuss the skills necessary for success in the broadcast industry, as well as ways to acquire such skills.  All Pro’s personnel also distribute information to attendees about any vacancies at the stations.



(c)     Establishment of Sales Training Program

All Pro has established a training program for all of its account executives.  As part of the training program, All Pro sends the account executives to training via Zoom conducted by RAB, Rumple and Nielsen’s.  At the RAB seminars, the account executives learn about the broadcast industry, the market and ways to help clients. The Rumple program is to help account executives organize, maximize and be accountable for meeting their sales goals. The Nielsen’s training provides the account executives with methods of how to read and print Nielsen’s reports.  Through the RAB and Nielsen’s seminars, the account executives acquire some of the skills necessary to serve as a Sales Manager.  In addition, account executives are required to do on-line training with RAB and Nielsen’s periodically throughout the year.  During the reporting period, all account executives from both the KHTI and KATY locations have participated in the training program. All Pro Broadcasting has sent account executive to SCBA training to become Certified Radio Consultant.


(d)   Participation in Events Sponsored by Local Colleges

During the reporting period, All Pro’s Promotion’s staff participated in events sponsored by local colleges.  At the events, the Promotions Team discussed career opportunities in the broadcast industry, as well as the skills necessary for success in the broadcast industry.  Specifically, the Promotions Team attended the following events:

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic these where Virtual events.

Pomona Unified School District’s Pathways to Career Success February 23, 2021

Jobs Now Org. September 24, 2020


(e)   Training of Management Personnel

On an annual basis, All Pro’s management personnel, including Business Managers, to a training seminar offered by the California Chamber of Commerce regarding practices for ensuring equal employment opportunity and preventing discrimination and harassment.  The management personnel then meet to discuss the information presented at the seminar and establish procedures for the stations. In addition, All Pro’s Corporate Business Manager and all Department Managers attend various HR and Sexual Harassment Training. Management has attended several zoom and conference meetings throughout the year in accordance with the changing California State laws.


(f)   Station Tours

Due to Covid-19Pandemic, All Pro was unable to give station tours.