WATCH: Billie Eilish Performs ‘Ocean Eyes’ With Alicia Keys On ‘Corden’

Last night (Monday, Dec. 9th) Billie Eilish stopped by the Late Late Show to hang out with guest host Alicia Keys.

During her visit, the two came together to perform Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes”.

Eilish shared her excitement with the host when she saw Keys’ cover of “Ocean Eyes” on Instagram:

“It was weird because I see a lot of covers and I see a lot of covers of that song and I’ve also adored you my entire life, so I see a lot of videos of you so I think one thing that is normal and another thing that’s normal in my life combined and that was super not normal to see.”

Eilish also returned the favor by sharing a surprise throwback video of herself at 12 years old covering Keys’ “Fallin'” at a talent show.

Check out Keys’ reaction by watching the throwback video below.