Camila Cabello’s ‘Consequences’ Performance and Music Video

Written by Teresa Medina

Camila Cabello has announced her last single off her debut album called “Consequences (Orchestra).” Camila chose this song specifically because it resembles who she is and despite it being a ballad— a risky move— she wanted to depart from what is predictable in pop music. She States,

“But to me, my goal is to challenge myself by not doing what feels predictable or obvious, to do things that excite me, and give you the most honest representation of who I am through music.” 

At the AMA’s, not only did Camila take home 4 awards, but she delivered an emotional and angelic performance of her new single.

Check out the video below:

“Consequences (Orchestra)” is a remake of the original song off her album; it is a ballad consisting of piano and orchestra. This new version was recorded multiple times for Camila took to Instagram and stated,

“I re-did it so many times because I wanted to capture it. I feel like the song is a way of letting people in.”

In addition to a new song and a performance, Camila also released the music video with an appearance of Dylan Spouse last night. The video is simply heartwarming and bittersweet. Throughout the video, Camila walks through a park where she reminisces on her past relationship through ghostly memories. She captures the good and the bad; the video finishes off with her being alone, holding her own hand.

Check out the music video below: